Intermediate Pup

Offered to all pups that have completed the “Intro to Puppyhood” class and dogs 6 months-1 year. In this class, puppies should be able to focus and be comfortable around other dogs. They will master basic commands, understand body language and get a “feel” for how a dog communicates with people and other dogs so that the owner is equipped with the basic understanding of dog behavior/communication. Also, owners will be taught about the varieties of equipment available to handle their dog (collars, harnesses, etc.) This will set them up to learn how to teach their dog to walk properly on a leash. We will also cover how to establish barriers and what to do to raise a weak mannered dog. Classes will run on a 4 week cycle. Upon completion, the puppy will receive certificate and special treat. Saturdays from 12:30-1:30 PM. $50/class

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